Who we are?


PPAPandAudits.com is a unique network of quality and supplier quality professionals who have been working with automotive and non-automotive companies worldwide. We have worked for the supply base optimization in USA, Canada, Europe, China, India, and South East Asia, conducting PPAP or First Article for large as well as medium/small suppliers.

PPAP is the benchmark production material qualification process across manufacturing sectors, first introduced by the Automotive sector, and now adopted by Aerospace and other industries. The process has helped customers reduce the risk and meet timelines of New Product Development while an executive team from PPAPandAudits.com manages all the complicated scheduling, supplier process qualification, assessment, and approval process.

Why PPAPandAudits.com?


Organizations worldwide are studying ways and means to reduce costs and carry out the necessary functions in their daily operations efficiently. Organizations cannot keep Supplier Quality Engineers in expectation of a new development program, nor can they expect suppliers to perform the part development process seamlessly without external assistance. The supplier also has to price consciously to ensure the development costs are kept under strict control. In this quagmire of issues, supplier development and part approval becomes an Achilles heel for any program launch.

Outsourcing the supplier development activities to an external consultant is not a new initiative. The critical components in this process is time and finding experts who are reliable, have subject matter expertise, as well as SQE experience.

PPAPandAudits.com has world renowned consultants who have the experience of working with both small and large program launches, and have worked with suppliers in diverse conditions. We currently have completed over 15000 PPAPs/ and Supplier audits over the world.

Consultants / SMEs / Auditors

  • Our team of professionals include Quality and Supply Chain professionals with over 20 years of hands-on experience in the field.
  • These professionals, most of them Lead Auditors to various standards have helped many OEMs and Tier 1 companies develop
    • Supplier PPAPs,
    • Re-PPAP assessments,
    • PPAP witness qualification drives.
  • Currently, we are working with large organizations in the Automotive, Aerospace, Mining and Engineering industry and working with around 200 under-production parts for PPAP development and around 250 PPAP evaluations.